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3GeekyLadies - Online Learning

I have to get ready for tomorrow mornings recording of the 3GeekyLadies podcast. The topic will be online learning.

There's a lot of online sites. All claiming to be able to teach you anything from basket weaving to becoming the next enterpreneur. I only know of a couple of sites for online learning that I have tried and think are worth the price. Safari Flow by the Safari books online is a relatively new service. This service leverages their books online to build an complete online learning environment which includes training videos, books and conferencing. Having use their online book service, I had felt comfortable using the service. I should also mention that I did a trial and provided feedback on the service. My only complaint was the service cost was too high for me. I couldn't see myself getting enough use out of the service to justify $30/month. That's how I got the early adopter pricing of $9. The service has bootcamps to jumpstart learning and other innovative uses of multimedia in their sessions.

They have a free trial for new users. Check it out at->

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